Tayrona beach Price: 1750 - 1980 USD
Rugalmas 14 napos túra Kolumbiában - Bogotá / Kávé zóna / Medellín…
14 days
Fedezd fel a Tatacoa sivatagot! 3 nap/2 éjszaka a Tatacoa sivatagban. Ismerd…
3 Days
PNN El Cocuy 1550 - 1850 USD
Ez az ajánlatunk neked való, ha nagyobb függetlenségre és rugalmasságra vágysz a…
14 days
valle de cocora From 1060 USD
Rugalmas 9 napos túra Kolumbiában - Bogotá / Kávé zóna / Medellín…
9 days
salento Price: 1255 - 1475 USD
Ez az utazási terv olyan utazók számára készült, akik nagyobb szabadságot és…
11 days
Boyacá szépségei - 3 napos privát túra Bogotából: Villa de Leyva, Mongui,…
3 Days
  • star rating  We booked a 11-day highlights of Colombia trip with YourColombia. Peter organized everything perfectly, domestic flights, private transfers, hotels, tours, etc. He was very communicative and checked in on us... read more

    avatar thumb mukuzu

    star rating  The best travel company EVER. We asked Your Colombia to put together a bespoke 3 week itinerary for 2 of us to see as much of Colombia as possible. The... read more

    avatar thumb Lucy G

    star rating  When the two week trek in Peru we had planned for months was cancelled without notice whilst we were in Lima, we were at a loss as to what to... read more

    avatar thumb KateA2795
  • star rating  Peter and his travelagency were a great support for our 4 weeks Colombia travel, he was always on track with the activities , and always totally responsive on our (unfortunately)... read more

    avatar thumb Global-Palatinator

    star rating  Amazing views on the drive there (took about 1.5 hours) into the panoramic valley east of Bogota, and then freedom to hike to three main places - Cueva de los... read more


    star rating  Peter@yourcolumbia made my 12 vacation to Bogota, Medellin, Cartagena and Santa Martha an unforgettable one. Very experienced, very professional. Took care of internal flights, airport transfers, ground transportation, hotels,... read more

  • star rating  The whole experience was fantastic! As soon as we booked the trip through here, the organizer, Peter, got in contact with us through WhatsApp right away to give us the... read more


    star rating  Me and my wife booked this trip with Peter @ YourColombia from London. Firstly Peter was super helpful and responsive during the planning phase and gave us alot of good... read more


    star rating  I cannot thank you enough Peter and every single person we met on the trip who went beyond their duties to make this 2 weeks in Colombia an unforgettable... read more

20 Google reviews
Kinga Pölöskei
Kinga Pölöskei
Thank you, Peter and YourColombia for an absolutely fantastic and authentic trip in Colombia!! This was the very first time that we used a boutique travel agency and I'm so happy we did. They tailored everything to our needs. EVERYTHING! We could visit places that we didn't even know they existed with the most lovely local travel guides/chauffeurs. Peter was super responsive and helpful. We literally got an answer for all of our questions within minutes and he also helped us with a last minute issue even after our trip officially ended. I highly recommend YourColombia if you want to get an authentic experience of this breathtakingly beautiful country, Colombia.
Edel Rocher
Edel Rocher
El tour fue increíble y cada detalle de ella visita al país fue una aventura. Cada día teníamos a un guía maravilloso que nos venía a recoger para llevarnos a una nueva aventura. Peter estuvo atento a nuestros movimientos para que nos sintiéramos seguras de que todo iba en la dirección correcta!!! Una experiencia de 100 que espero repetir muy pronto, desde luego recomendable 500% para todos aquellos que hayan de visitar el país con fecha límite y quieran exprimir al máximo la experiencia. Gracias Sergio, Luis, Diego, Liz, Peter y a todo el equipo de YourColombia por un viaje inigualable!!!!
Massimo Caporaso
Massimo Caporaso
Great offers and services, I recommend if someone wants to discover Colombia better!
Barbara Randi
Barbara Randi
Let me rave about YourCololmbia and Peter, our agent. It's highly unusual that we use any service when planning a trip. I do it myself. YourCololmbia changed our minds. This was our first trip to Colombia and included Bogota with day trips, Cartagena and Medallin. Spectacular! In Bogota, Peter arranged for our guide, Sergio, to tour us through the city. Sergio and driver picked us up at our hotel and we experienced the city in great detail. Sergio knows his stuff and we learned so much about the city. The next day we were off to Chicaque Park. I cannot say enough about our guide Alexander. He's a guide who communicates well with his guests and his surroundings. Chichaque Park and our time with Alexander left us is a state of peace and tranquility. Next it was off to Cocora Valley and Carbonera Forest. We were rained our of Cocora Valley but the experience in Carbonera Forest made up for it, and more. Spectacular. It's a must-see and few people know of it. You may not find it in guidebooks. The Palmas del Ceras forests are up around 10000 ft . The ride up to the woods is muddy and bumpy but so well worth it. We hiked though sloping pastures and took in wonderful views. We spend a day and half in Cartagena. This part of our trip was on our own. We compared this city to New,Orleans on speed. It's history, very rich. We met our Medallin guide Diego at the airport. He planned generous outings for us which included a detailed overview of the city, a day or trip to El Penon de Guatape. Beautiful! We didn't climb El Penon but i suggest taking on the challenge. The area is breathtaking. We thank Peter and YourColombia for an amazing Colombian experience.
Dan Arnautu
Dan Arnautu
Can you believe that me, the type who plans his trips on his own, is reviewing a travel agency? Well... letting go of control is hard. And the payoff is BIG! I've met Federico while visiting the castles of Bavaria, with my wife, and he stroke me as the caring and thoughtful type of guide. Obviously that's on top of his charisma and his knowledge about the history of the places for which he is doing private tours in Europe. We found out that the most important part of his family is in Colombia and that along with Peter, his partner, he is involved in creating "hard to remember experiences" for the people that have the courage to look beyond the stereotype of "Colombia is dangerous". So can you believe that some photos of Colombia, and the above, have convinced me, the control freak, to have faith in a professional that I've barely met? Well, miracles happen everyday and I surely did get one. Federico has set up a joyful experience for us, one that touched our hearts and minds forever, allowing us to fall in love with the people of this country and some of the places we have visited. And we have always felt safe, which says about how much Colombia has evolved. What we have done in this country: - visited the best of Bogota and tasted local food - trekked to the Ciudad Perdida, through the rainforest, and also enjoyed seeing and learning about indigenous people, plants and trees - slept in a eco-hotel on the beach, under the coconut trees - walked inside Tayrona National Park, where the Caribbean sea and the rainforest blend beautifully together - visited the amazing city of Cartagena that just blew us off our feet - sailed to and slept on a tiny island in the Caribbean sea, where we also had a fine snorkeling experience - visited the town of Salento, where we visited a coffee farm and learned the secrets of the coffee and the amazing story of "how it's made" - visited the famous Cocora Valley and went up to 3000 meters above sea level to see the beauty of the 30 meters+ palm trees and the beautiful birds flying out there - and of course enjoyed the tasty and impressive local food, especially the fish, enjoyed the taste of the fruits which is far better than anything you can find in Europe, enjoyed the coconut water, and so so much more... Now, going back to Federico and YourColombia, I really liked their approach. They offer custom made tours like ours, but in a thoughtful manner when it comes to the costs, which can be important for travelers coming from far away like we did. And all that without sacrificing the quality of the service as they are collaborating with very nice drivers and guides, famous trekking or sailing tour operators in Colombia, and of course nice hotels. Everything was nicely and precisely planned, so we had a smooth experience. So fellow traveler, hoping the above words were a good investment of your time, I wish you all the best! Federico and Peter, we are grateful for this trip, your support every step of the way and we wish you "happy customers"!
Ryan Peterson
Ryan Peterson
Peter was beyond accommodating. I do not usually take the time to write a review but I feel this company deserves it. My flight was changed which caused me to arrive in Colombia a day later than planned. Peter changed the itinerary without any questions at all. I did both Chicaque and La Chorrera waterfall. Absolutely spectacular. I have been to Costa Rica, etc and I felt that this was even better. There were no issues at all. Very responsive to all questions. For those to you who were worried about safety in Bogota. Personally I felt nothing but safe the whole entire time. It was a nonissue for me. I stayed in the Chapinero area.
Baby corsi
Baby corsi
Questo agenzia locale con sede a Bogota Your colombia l'ho incontrata casualmente sul web e devo dire che ho avuto un colpo di fortuna, la  prima impressione che ho avuto parlando con Federico co-founder è stata molto positiva ho percepito belle vibrazioni e ho  capito che il nostro  viaggio sarebbe cominciato nel migliore dei modi, nel giro di pochi giorni avevo già il dettaglio del  viaggio e questa rapidità mi ha molto sorpreso. Yourcolombia è un operatore fantastico e  validissimo  Federico e Peter i titolari e fondatori sono molto  preparati ed esperti e hanno organizzato il nostro viaggio in maniera impeccabile, con me c'erano un amica e il mio cagnolino barboncino  Jeje. Dido influencer di Instagram, che porto sempre con me in viaggio, quindi potete immaginare  le difficoltà di trovare hotel/case escursioni ecc. quando si viaggia con un cane si complicano e si  moltiplicano,  inoltre voglio precisare che  siamo due clienti  davvero esigenti e attente ad ogni particolare e loro sono  riusciti a esaudire ogni nostra  richiesta,  e a evitare  qualunque problema. Il nostro tour é durato  20 giorni siamo state in grandi città e in piccoli pittoreschi paesini della zona Cafetera nella spettacolare valle del Cocora Medellin Cali e tanti altri posti meravigliosi e indimenticabili, e abbiamo vissuto  una esperienza unica  visitando  una miniera di smeraldi a Muzo che raccomando caldamente ma solo a esperti viaggiatori,  abbiamo volato al nord Barranquilla e al sud in Amazzonia, 5 voli interni tutti organizzati perfettamente con  il cheking già fatto da loro, di conseguenza il nostro imbarco è stato facilissimo e veloce,  ci hanno anche  regalato una scheda telefonica colombiana in modo da essere sempre in contatto con loro per qualunque evenienza, siamo state coccolate e molto seguite, abbiamo avuto  un trattamento molto attento e di riguardo e non è stata una questione di soldi spesi, ma di persone che  sono andate oltre questo e si sono  occupate di noi al 100% per il piacere di vederci contente e soddisfatte, ci tengo a dire che io sono una viaggiatrice esperta ho visto oltre 60 paesi e ho sempre contattato agenzie locali, ma un servizio perfetto e personalizzato così non lo avevo mai trovato. Colclusione raccomando al 100% questa agenzia per il servizio eccellente, per la serietà  l'affidabilità e sopratutto per il prezzo ottimo e competitivo rispetto ad altre agenzie. Per  Yourcolombia  un grande applauso e un grande affettuoso  ringraziamento per essere stati super  efficienti e professionali e per averci fatto felici e  innamorate sempre di più della Colombia.
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