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Discovering the Tatacoa desert - visit the charmy Villavieja, the Magdalena river and the Tatacoa desert during this tour!

$450 / per person
3 Days

Highlights of Boyacá - 3 days private tour from Bogotá: Villa de Leyva, Mongui, Páramo de Ocetá (hiking), Iza, Lake Tota, Pueblito Boyacense.

$219 / per person
3 Days

Colonial Boyacá - history, nature and enchanting towns: Puente de Boyacá, Villa de Leyva, Mongui, Pueblito Boyacense, Paipa, Lake Tota, Aquitania.

$199 / per person
3 Days

Cocuy National Park is in the North part of the department of Boyacá. Their peaks are not only to the mountains' lovers, the local farms are 3500-4000 meter above sea level, from where you can conquer one of the national park’s many peaks (there are more than 15 peaks over 5000 meters). You don’t need…

$370 / per person
3 Days
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