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More and more travellers coming from all over the world are discovering Colombia and it is not a coincidence that all the most prestigious international publications (Lonely Planet, CNN, Forbes just to name a few) have started offering in the last years suggestions and guidelines about how to visit such a spectacular travel destination. Our goal is to present and, above all, to invite to discover this spectacular country to all those interested in having a “local expat” like us, as a personal guide.
We achieve that by providing a complete image of the country, sharing our experiences, taking you to discover the attractions, traditions and customs that make Colombia an exceptional destination, and the secret places that major tourism blogs or websites do not mention.
Discover Colombia with us, with our excursions from Bogota and our itineraries throughout the country. Visit Colombia, make it yours!

Peter Popal

I was born in Hungary and some of my current projects still tie me to Budapest. In the last years, I’ve lived in the Northern and Southern part of Italy and in Spain as well. I’ve worked on international projects, mostly with young people from all over the world, focusing on marketing, market research, sports science and tourism. I moved to Bogota in November 2016, and from a co-working office started working on our tourism project: YourColombia.


Federico Striano

Born and raised in Italy, I have been working for several years as a Travel Designer and Tour Director for private and group tours all over Europe. I have helped so far hundreds of guests – especially from the United States – in making the trip of their lifetime come true.
I am a passionate traveller and a citizen of the world. Visiting new countries and getting to know new cultures have always made me deeply happy. Since the first time I traveled to Colombia in 2015, I realized how unique and breathtaking it is. Fully based in Bogotá since 2017, my goal is to help people discover its beautiful gems through our YourColombia tours.

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