Things to do in Bogotá

Things to do in Bogotá?

Always a question ‘What to do in Bogotá’? Here is my personal opinion:



In Colombia you have to try the “arepa”, “empanada”, “patacón”, and if you like the meat the Colombian steaks and the “bandeja paisa”.


My favourite places (* cheap ** average *** more expensive):

*    Street food: empanada/arepa – you can find great street food in every corner of Bogotá

**  Bícono (Great hamburger in Usaquén, on Wednesdays usually pay 1 get 2)

**  Crepes and Waffles (a Colombian chain, great food for a reasonable price – a great variety of main food, not just desserts!)

*** Biferia (for Steak lovers – I prefer the Usaquén one)

*** Andrés DC (restaurant and party place in the Zona Rosa)

*** El mejor ajiaco del mundo (typical Colombian food, Cl. 11 #6-20, Candelaria, Bogotá)




The fresh fruit juices are amazing and they have really good rums and craft beers also. And of course the Colombian coffee!


My favourite places (* cheap ** average *** more expensive):

*    Tostao (a good Bakery and Coffee place, there are a lot in Bogotá)

*    Fresh fruit juices from street vendors

**  Arte y Pasión del Café: Escuela de Baristas (Candelaria, a great Coffee place)

**  Puro Zumo (Veggie and Vegan food, Juice bar)

*** BeerWagon/Casa Brava – La Calera (amazing view and cocktails)

*** Bogotá Beer Company (BBC – craft beers and also food)


If you join the “Usaquén and La Calera trip” you will be able to try great Colombian food and drink one beer/rum/fruit juice in the BeerWagon.



My favourite places (* cheap ** average *** more expensive):

**   Chapinero on the 7th avenue (you can find a lot of bars and smaller party places)

**   On Tuesdays Gringo night at la Villa (Zona Rosa, it starts with a language exchange from 5 pm and then party)

*** Zona Rosa (on Thursdays/Fridays/Saturdays): La Coq, Armando Records, Vagabond, Hotel V, Andrés DC and a lot of smaller bars in this zone



  • On Sundays and national holidays: Ciclovía – running, jogging, cycling in the city – most of the main roads are partly closed from 7 am till 2 pm – great opportunity to do some sport in Bogotá or just drink a fresh fruit juice
  • Cascada la Chorrera
  • Cerro de Guadalupe – there is a market on Sundays, amazing view for the city
  • Monserrate (on Sundays are really busy, but there is a 50% discount for the cable car)
  • Parque Chicaque
  • Parque Nacional Natural Chingaza
  • Salt Cathedral of Zipaquirá (and Suesca’s Rocks) or Salt mine of Nemocón
  • La Vega – small city with a pleasant climate – all kind of fruit can be produced there (banana, guanábana, orange, mandarin, avocado, guayaba, papaya and also coffee, etc.) and Tobia – extreme sports, like rafting
  • Villa de Leyva



 If you join to the “Cascada la Chorrera” trip you will be able to visit the highest waterfall in Colombia and if you want we can go up to the Cerro de Guadalupe also!

If you join to the “Zipaquirá Salt Cathedral” trip you will be able to visit an incredible salt cathedral and mine close to Bogotá and if you want we can pass the Suesca’s Rocks too!


Another Useful tips by YourColombia:


Exchange money in Bogotá

  • North Bogotá: Hacienda Santa Barbara – Eurodolar (they have website so you can check their actual prices)
  • Candelaria – around the Plazoleta del Rosario

Useful Apps

  • Rappi application (food delivery)
  • EasyTaxi (Taxi app)
  • Uber (Taxi app)

YourColombia’s tours can be paid by USD or COP.


  • from the airport to the city – taxi (aprox 12-17 USD)
  • in the city Uber or Transmilenio

Things to do in Bogotá? Hope you found your replies above if not just contact me:

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