Colombia – Just a quick introduction

About Colombia

Colombia is Latin America’s third most populated country after Brazil and Mexico. There has been a guerilla war going on in the country for the past 50 years. Since 2002 the government has been gradually wiping out the guerrilla organisations and finally in 2016, a peace treaty was signed between the government and the biggest guerrilla group, FARC.

To this day, parts of the peace treaty are not agreed upon by all Colombians (in October 2016, the vote on the matter failed) but one thing all of the population agrees on is this: the country is done with its bloody past and wants a peaceful future. And so this is great news for anyone who loves to travel: Colombia is paradise itself – with the Andes, the Caribbean, its magic islands, its shores off the South Pacific, the Amazon jungle, the colonial villages and with Colombia’s pulsating big cities.

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