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Peter - Founder of YourColombia

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Colombia is continually being discovered by domestic as well as foreign tourists, which is why it is not accidental that Lonely Planet, Forbes and CNN all published lengthy recommendations and guides about the country in 2017. My goal is to introduce this amazing country to those interested as a “local foreigner”. This means that I will write about places, customs and attractions that the major tourism blogs and websites don’t mention, moreover, I would like to provide a comprehensive image of the country by sharing my own experiences and stories and organize day trips around Bogotá.

I was born in Hungary and a part of my projects currently tie me to Budapest. However, in the past years, I have lived in the Northern and Southern part of Italy and in Spain as well. I work on international projects, mostly with international young people, where I focus on projects in marketing, market research, sports sciences and tourism. I have been in Bogota since November 2016, where I work at a local co-working office to realize my tourism project (yourcolombia.com).

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