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A 5,5 hours bus ride from Bogotá is the hidden little village of Guadalupe – a typical colonial village with a pretty church in the main square and with an unadulterated Colombian atmosphere. Situated 2-3 kms from the village is a real gem - Quebrada las Gachas - the reddish colored river that is the…

$99 / per person
1 Day

A mere one-hour bus ride away from Bogotá, La Chorrera waterfall at 590 meters is the highest in Colombia. Despite this fact, not many people know of its existence – it’s another hidden gem. The site can be accessed by crossing the 3400-meter high mountains around Bogotá. The scenery leading up to the waterfall is…

$62 / per person
1 Day

El Cocuy National Park is in the lesser-known county of Boyacá. It caters not only to the lovers of mountains with its amazing views and experiences – the local farms are 3500-4000 meter above sea level, from where you can conquer one of the national park’s many peaks above 5000 meters (it has 15 peaks…

$199 / per person
3 Days

The Salt Cathedral of Zipaquirá is one of the best place around Bogotá. Zipaquirá is a charmy town only 1,5 hour bus trip from Bogotá. The real attraction of the city is the Salt Cathedral which is simply amazing and incredible. The cathedral can be visited by tourists since 1995. It is a religious place…

$79 / per person
1 Day

Only 2,5 hours bus ride from Bogotá, the Páramo de Sumapaz is the largest páramo in Colombia. What is the "páramo": an incredible ecosystem between the tree line and the permanent line of snow. Despite this fact, not many people know of its existence - it is another hidden gem. You will feel how fell…

$69 / per person
1 Day

Another pride and joy of Boyacá county is the colonial village of Mongui, which provides a similar experience as its more famous sibling, Villa de Leyva. You can explore the beautiful little village during a short walk around complete with a breakfast. Mongui manufactures handmade traditional soccer balls. The hiking begins around 10 am with…

$95 / per person
1 Day
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